About Us

Growing up I found myself falling behind the fashion trends of everyone else around me, whilst secretly admiring those who had the courage to be their own selves. It takes a special kind of bravery to be uniquely yourself and proud of it.

Since my high school days, I've gravitated to those who are freer in life and more individualistic. It is evident that those people exhibit more liberal attitudes, which permeates through every facet of their lives, from 'being themselves', to perusing THEIR dreams and breaking common 'implied' societal rules. What an admirable way to live!

The 180 degree turn from high school launched me down a path of freedom that would not just liberate my wardrobe but also my diet, people I socialised with, activities I engaged in, careers I pursued and the things I bought. I now, am on a mission to be different, to be unique, reject social proof and most importantly, LOVE myself for being ME! My life has taken on a new direction and my mission ever since was to provide a space where others could experience that same freedom. I've made it my ambition to seek out unique products that will bring out the inner you, that everyone will love. You won't be just another sheep in the heard.  

Why shop with us? It is our goal at AhStuff.com to provide the greatest products at the lowest cost. We therefore cultivate relationships directly with the manufactures themselves thereby cutting out the middle man! We guarantee a hassle free shopping experience, best prices, secured checkout and 100% money-back guarantee.



Edward L

Founder AhStuff.com